The Pond's Thursday Trivia Challenge

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Thursday Trivia Challenge, Thursdays at 7pm

The Pond's Thursday Trivia Challenge

The Pond's Thursday Trivia Challenge is fun and a bit irreverent.  The questions and format are unique to The Pond and include three regular rounds, two fast action rounds, jump aheads and bonus questions.  Trivia ranges from news events, sports, television, music, geography, history, anatomy, literature and lots more. The Winter Tournament starts on January 21 and ends on March 31.

$14 Comfort Food specials created by Chef Dave, 1/2 price wine by the bottle, $4 Stella Artois pints and $5 Bacardi mixed drinks.

✦    Three Rounds, 7 teams questions per round.  Plus, Round 1 will have a question for an individual team member and Rounds 2 and 3 each will have a JUMP AHEAD question.
✦   Point scoring.
✦   Each team can bet 1 to 7 points per team question, but can only bet the same number of points once in each round. The point value bet by a team will be recorded and will not be allowed to be used again in the round.
✦   for team questions, no points will be deducted for wrong answers
✦   if team submits answer within thirty seconds, team will earn an extra point
✦   time limit to submit an answer will be three minutes
✦   "Bonus" question at end of each round
✦   team can bet as many points as they have accrued up to that point in the game.
✦   points will be deducted for wrong answers
✦   MINI JUMP AHEAD in Round 1.  Two or three answers will be required, each worth 5 to 10 points.
✦   JUMP AHEAD QUESTIONS in Rounds 2 and 3
The Jump Ahead Question will ask each team to name a set number of items (for example, name the first four English settlements in the new world).  Each correct answer will be worth a pre-determined number of points (usally 5 or 10 points).  The more correct answers, the more points scored.
✦   TWO Fast Action Bonus at end of first and second rounds - five questions which must be answered in FIVE minutes; 5 points for each right answer. Answer all five correctly, earn 10 bonus points
✦   Game Bonus Question
✦   team can bet all points accrued during the game on the game bonus
✦   points will be deducted for wrong answers


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