VIP Partners

The VIP Rewards Card Program is an incentive and thank-you program.  The program is based on points.  For every dollar spent at The Pond, a point will be added to your VIP Card.  And you can earn double points, Sunday thru Friday 11am to 4pm.
VIP REWARD COUPONS are generated automatically by our POS system when your card hits a predetermined total, as shown below.

   250 points       $10 coupon
   500 points       $20 coupon
   1,000 points    $20 coupon
   1,500 points    $30 coupon
   2,000 points    $40 coupon
   2,500 points    $25 coupon and $25 Gift Card from a Rewards Partner.

For every additional 500 points, receive $30 coupon from The Pond.  

VIP PARTNERS. The Pond is teaming up with a number of local and online businesses in order to provide our VIP Rewards Card holders with discounts or purchase incentives at other businesses.  Below you can find our VIP Partners and the discounts offered.

THE COST of a VIP Rewards Card is only $10.  VIP Rewards cards are renewable each January for an annual fee of $10.  Card totals automatically will be reset to zero if annual fee is not paid by January 31st of that year.  A second complimentary card will be given to a partner or spouse.  There is a $3 charge for lost or replacement cards.  Your VIP Rewards Card must be swiped for points to accrue.