This Week at The Pond, April 9 to 15

This upcoming weekend is Women’s Fest at Camp Rehoboth.  Check out their Facebook page for all the great events that they have planned.  Here at The Pond, we have Jodi Lynn kicking off the weekend on Thursday at 9:30pm, Red Letter Day at 6pm on Friday followed by a fairly late show for Mama’s Black Sheep at 10pm.  On Saturday, Mama’s Black Sheep kicks off the evening followed by DJ Sharon’s Legendary Women’s Fest Dance at 9:30pm.

Then on Sunday, April 15th, The Pond has its annual Employee Drink Contest 3pm to 5pm.  We will have a judge’s table but we also need our awesome customers to help us decide what specialty cocktails will be added to our summer drink menu!  So please stop by.  As an added bonus, Jodi Lynn will be performing 3-6pm.

Our entertainment for the week is below.

Sundays at 9pm ~ Lower Case Blues

Mondays at 10pm ~ Green Means Go

Tuesdays at 6:30pm ~ Let’s Do Speed Bingo

Wednesdays at 6:30pm ~ Survey Sez!

Wednesdays at 10pm ~ Rehoboth Open Mic Night

Thursdays at 7pm ~ Trivia Challenge

Thursdays at 9:30pm ~ Thursday Music at The Pond

April 12th ~ Jodi Lynn Cohee

April 19th ~ Tyler Greene

April 26th ~ The Head

Friday, April 13 ~ Red Letter Day at 6pm, Mama’s Black Sheep at 10pm

Saturday, April 14 ~ Mama’s Black Sheep at 6pm, DJ Sharon’s Women’s Fest Dance at 10pm

Sunday Music Series at 2pm

April 15 ~ Jodi Lynn

April 22 ~ Union Road Duo

April 29 ~ Hope is Best Concert