This Week at The Pond, March 4 to March 11

Thanks to everyone who came out to see The Jimmies 80’s Flashback Band on Saturday.  We will be having this great band back throughout the year!  

It’s less than two weeks until our St. Patrick’s Day Bash!  Just saying….

Our entertainment for the week is below.

Sundays at 9pm ~ Lower Case Blues

Mondays at 10pm ~ Green Means Go

Tuesdays at 6:30pm ~ Let’s Do Speed Bingo

Wednesdays at 6:30pm ~ Survey Sez!

Wednesdays at 10pm ~ Rehoboth Open Mic Night

Thursdays at 7pm ~ Trivia Challenge

Thursdays at 9:30pm ~ Thursday Music at The Pond

March 8 ~ Jodi Lynn

March 15 ~ Show City

March 22 ~ Chris Ryan & Pete Wiedmann

March 29 ~ Tyler Greene

Friday, March 9 ~ Keith White Duo at 6pm, Human Connection at 10pm

Saturday, March 10 ~ Green Means Go at 10pm

Sunday Music Series at 2pm

March 11 ~ Wiedmann Family Band

March 18 ~ Red Letter Day

March 25 ~ Sara Ann Garrison & Tyler Greene

April 1 ~ BinJE Duo