This Week At The Pond, August 11 to 18

We welcome back our favorite sheep from Baltimore this upcoming weekend!  That’s right, Ashley & Laura, better known as Mama’s Black Sheep will be performing at The Pond on Friday and Sunday.  Yes, Sunday not Saturday!!  Electric Velvet will be rocking The Pond on Saturday at 10pm.  We have a new band from PA that we are very excited about, Garrett Shultz Band.  You have to visit YouTube and check out his back seat videos!  On Thursday, another hearty welcome to Rocky Allen.  We had a truly awesome Thursday night with him a few weeks back and expect another great evening of live music! 

Lower Case Blues will not be performing on Sunday, August 19th and we are looking for a replacement band!

Our entertainment for the week is below.

Sundays at 6pm ~ Jodi Lynn Cohee  Sunday, August 19th at 6pm Mama’s Black Sheep

Sundays at 10pm ~ Lower Case Blues Sunday, August 19th – to be announced

Mondays at 10pm ~ Green Means Go

Tuesdays at 6:30pm ~ Let’s Do Speed Bingo

Tuesdays at 9:30pm ~ Karaoke

Wednesdays at 6:30pm ~ Survey Sez!

Wednesdays at 10pm ~ Rehoboth Open Mic Night

Thursdays at 6:30pm ~ Let’s Do Trivia!

Thursday Nights  at 9:30pm ~ Thursday Night at The Pond

August 16 ~ Rocky Allen

August 23 ~ Surreal Nation

August 30 ~  Fil Ryhthm Band

Friday,  August 17  ~ Mama’s Black Sheep at 5:30pm ~ Garrett Shultz Band at 10pm

Saturday, August 18 ~ Electric Velvet at 10pm